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Trouble Signs for Your Vehicle

mechanic.jpgThere are certain sounds a vehicle shouldn't make!  Hearing a high pitched squeal when you apply your brakes, means it is time to get your brakes inspected.  Clunking when you steer could possibly mean loose tie rod ends.  Clicking or clunking noises from the front of the vehicle only when you go around corners, could mean that it's time for a new CV joint.

Give us a call today or book an appointment online, and we will give your entire vehicle an inspection. We will show you what work needs to be done now and for future maintenance.

Here at J & W Motors we are proud of the quality and service we provide to each and every one of our customers.

See a recent article published in the February Car Care Magazine

J&W Motors has built a quality business based on referrals and reputation.

JW.jpgWe like it out here,” says Joe Masters who has owned and operated J&W Motors, just outside Brantford, Ontario, since 1978. J&W is in the enviable position of having the vast majority of customer work come via referrals, with people literally calling up and coming out, negating the need for much advertising. 

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