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At J&W Motors we have a complete line of services to keep your vehicle running smoothly. Here is a list of what we do!  

  • Exaust repair and pipe bending, catalytic converters. everything to do with your exhaust system. We stock stainless steel pipe in all sizes as well as flex pipes, flanges , converters, stainless rod, ect. Our full range of exhaust products allows us to repair only the sections that need it, preserving the OEM stainless components. Think twice before letting someone replace large pieces of your exhaust with cheaper aftermarket systems, they dont last long in our climate. We can often fix deteriorated components with stainless steel !

  • Suspension systems, these components keep your vehicle riding smoothly and in control. They require periodic but through inspections to maintain the safety of your car. At J&W Motors we take pride in maintaing service records on your vehicle to make sure these items are checked on a regular basis.

  • Brakes, Wheels and Tires, our service records allow us to maintain these components on scheduled intervals. This will give you peace of mind knowing at all times the status of these wear items. We are able to give you advanced notice of necessary repairs so you can be assured your car is as safe as any brand new car!

  • Computer Diagnostics, We fully utilize a laptop based scan tool to service your vehicle. We have access to all vehicle systems using the data link connector on many vehicles. If you have a warning light on just stop in! We can advise you on what the problem is and do our best to have it resolved in a timely professional manner.  In addtion to the scan tool we use an advanced Fluke automtive scope meter to diagnose electrical faults from charging systems to sensor failures we're covered!

  • Air conditioning systems, They sure add relief when everything is working keeping you cool in the summer and defrosting your window all winter long but these systems often fail because of our corrosive climate. We use only the best leak detector equipped with a positive ion emission heated diode sensor. I know its a mouthful but by using this advanced type of detector you find leaks faster, saving you money and reducing the rate of return by finding even the smallest of leaks. 

  • Regular Maintenance, The mainstay of our business is to take care of your vehicle as it was our own, Making practical recomendations based on your vehicles service requirements. We use extensive online archives of information specific to your vehicle, to make sure its getting exacly what it needs. All vehicles are different, therefore we cater to them differently. Whether your vehicle is new, or old, diesel or hybrid, direct injected or port injected , and the list goes on and on, you can be assured that there is no better place to have it maintained! 




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